About us

We build communities, not housing estates


Thousands of agglomeration inhabitants have trusted us

ACTIVA is an experienced development company operating in the market of the Tricity Agglomeration, which has several dozen investments in its portfolio. The company was established and operates in Pomerania.

We represent 100% of the regional capital oriented towards supporting local entrepreneurs and community. The main object of our business activity is housing construction, whereas warehousing and commercial projects complete our portfolio.


We invest in the entire Tricity Agglomeration

We invest in the entire Tricity Agglomeration
We design and build responsibly

We design and build responsibly

We emphasise in all seriousness that building a housing estate is not a business project but a social and business one. We shape cities in which we invest, we impact the lives of an increasing number of people. We do this responsibly and with respect for the history and the identity by creating places that still have a good reputation among residents and are in demand among buyers in the secondary market even after several years. ACTIVA is a dedicated partner to local governments, counterparties and local communities.

We create comfortable living spaces

Reputation of a development company is its most valuable asset. At ACTIVA, we understand it perfectly well and live by the motto that our investments and relationships with clients and stakeholders shape our reliability.

Therefore, we keep priding ourselves on our investments, even those built over a dozen years back, which pass all practical tests and stand the so-called “test of time.” Moreover, we are immensely satisfied to welcome Clients that return to us. Or people to whom ACTIVA was kindly recommended by such Clients. We are truly thankful!

We create comfortable living spaces
Rozwijamy się razem z wami, jesteśmy tuż obok

We are developing together with you, we are right next to you

Our company is a team of specialists that are not afraid to execute increasingly bold projects in the region. And beyond, for instance in Zakopane. We offer high standard or premium apartments for those who are aware of their expectations and choices.

While driving through the Agglomeration, you will see, visit and use services in subsequent spaces brought to life by ACTIVA at every turn. They are worth living in. Together we build communities not housing estates!