Nowa Cegielnia

Gdańsk Kokoszki


Gdańsk Kokoszki
52,81 - 156,19 m²
2 - 5


B01, B02, B03, B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B09, B10, B11, B12, B13, B14, B15, B16, B17, B18, B19, B20, B21, B22, B23:


Share in the road:
included in the price!
Miejsce postojowe naziemne:
included in the price of the apartment!
Additional ground-level parking space:
20 000,00 zł gross

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Your future

Nowa Cegielnia in Gdańsk’s Kokoszki is a unique estate, in a location with a unique past.

The inspiration for the name and distinctive logo of this development was the Ziegelei Kokoschken brickyard, established in the early 19th century, which in its glory days produced bricks that were used in the construction of many buildings both in and around Gdańsk.

We decided to bring the history of this place closer not only with the location and name, but also through the well-thought-out form of buildings that resemble the old buildings of Gdańsk housing estates. High windows give them lightness, and the interiors are naturally illuminated at any time of the day and year. The façade emphasises the fashionable, industrial character of this place.

The residential complex is distinguished by both the location and the refined form of the estate, as well as a wide range of formats: two- and three-room apartments with an area of 52 to 95 m², houses with an area of 125 m² (with a 1-car garage) and over 156 m² of with a 2-car garage. All apartments on the first floor also have a spacious mezzanine, which allows for any arrangement of the space.

The Nowa Cegielnia estate is a several-stage development of functional multi-family buildings with an intimate and comfortable low-rise design.

Built for...

The well-thought-out architectural design is of interest not only to couples and families with children, but also to people looking for a place for their multi-generational families.

It is a good idea to buy two apartments, one on top of the other. Parents, living on the first floor in a comfortable apartment with a mezzanine with an area of 87-95 m², can at the same time support children in becoming independent, or help their own elderly parents. The apartment on the ground floor is a comfortable space with an area of around 52-55 m², meeting the diverse needs of future residents. Family living on two levels is also a way to have a private staircase in Nowa Cegielnia!

The inhabitants of the new housing estate on the map of Gdańsk can easily create a perfect place for themselves to relax, spend time together, but also work - in one of the interiors you can arrange a comfortable office or studio.

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Close to the nature

The uniqueness of the Nowa Cegielnia property is complemented by the fact that all houses and ground-floor apartments have their own gardens.

A private garden also belongs to some of the apartments located on the first floor - thanks to the external steel stairs, it takes only a few seconds to move from the apartment to your own private, green oasis. Unique places on the map of the development will be a private grove and a water reservoir - a space ideal for organising a family picnic or an afternoon meeting with neighbours.

Residents are only a few minutes’ walk from the forest and numerous green areas. A playground has been designed for the youngest on the Nowa Cegielnia estate, with benches and bicycle racks to be built throughout the development.

Style and quality

The original architectural design of the estate, the use of high-quality materials and careful workmanship are sure to meet the expectations of the most demanding buyers.

It’s all thanks to the well-thought-out concept of the layout of the rooms - guaranteeing comfort, as well as the apartments themselves - ensuring maximum privacy. The designer craftsmanship of the investment will be complemented by the façade, which will be lined with clinker tiles and the balconies, which will be finished with a composite board. This treatment, combined with the spiral steel stairs, create a fashionable, industrial character of the estate. In addition, the design of the balconies includes the use of extremely practical metal partitions between the balconies to guarantee intimacy. Thanks to this, the residents are guaranteed privacy, and the buildings of Nowa Cegielnia stand out for their originality.

Bearing in mind the diverse needs of each of our clients, we are able to adapt the apartments to individual preferences.

For your comfort

In additional, paid variants, we offer: underfloor heating, putting plaster on the walls or preparing a perfect base for paint in the form of snow-white walls.

In addition, it is possible to change the location of partition walls, the number of plumbing and electrical points and their arrangement inside the premises.

There will be a lot going on around Nowa Cegielnia in the near future.

Land development
The fragment of the local zoning plan below shows what will be located in the immediate vicinity of the estate and how the new access road to the development will run.
Land development - Nowa Cegielnia
  • Retention reservoir - the Nowa Cegielnia housing estate borders on the east with the area intended for the construction of the “Kartuska” retention reservoir, which is in the design stage. A pedestrian route with lighting, benches and outdoor sports equipment is to be built around the reservoir - it will be a great place for family walks and sports!
  • The forest - in the southern part of the development there is a grove, which we will develop into a place ideal for hiking and resting in the bosom of nature. After all, there is nothing more wonderful than the possibility of direct contact with nature in such close proximity to home...
  • Stokłosy Street – a designed route for the reconstruction of part of the roadway, which will run parallel to the current road - it will be replaced with a pavement and a bicycle path! The reconstruction is the Developer’s contribution and it will be performed by us.
  • Nowa Stokłosy Street - a designed road that will be built during the second stage of reconstruction of Kartuska Street (together with traffic lights).

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